Events | 04

Digital media, motion graphics for events.

Brochures | 02

Brochures can be anything from simple tri-fold designs to complex sales decks packed with charts and visuals in order to capture the end readers attention resulting in a call to action.

Sales Sheets
Sales Sheets | 03

Package updating and sales display make-over with sales sheets for wholesalers to be able to order and stock the latest product offerings.

Catalogs | 01 

Multi-page publications including product catalogs, consumer magazines and spec sheet catalogs. I have created page grids, managed multiple designers on layout and design and handled pre and post production of various catalogs and multi-page documents.

Ad Campaigns | 05

Ad campaigns spanning across national placement and media outlets.

Sales Decks
Sales Decks | 06

Sales decks ranging from intensely designed printed pieces to online presentations and accompanying 1-sheets.

Rebranding Campaign | 07

Rebranding campaign that spanned not only to the retail sector but also on the backend for employees of to have a sense of pride for the company and products being produced.

Website, Promotional Video | 08

Website design outlining product benefits, educational videos and buying opportunities. Promotional commercial produced in :30 and :60 second spots.

Package Redesign | 09

Packaging redesign with tear off tops for product display and educational selling points visible on all sides of product box.